Finding the perfect engagement ring doesn't have to be difficult!
The Diamond Broker has over 30 years experience helping people like you.
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My brother, Seymour,  and I have been helping couples find the perfect ring at our Dallas Tx store since 1991.
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At The Diamond Broker, we have a tremendous selection of diamonds, and literally thousands of settings available.  When you make an appointment, we can have a variety of rings to show you that are within your budget.

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Have you considered creating a unique ring with the help of an experienced jeweler?

We have a lot of experience making unique ideas become gorgeous realities.
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We can have stones, settings, or custom ideas ready for you.

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You won't find fancy lighting in our store. Unlike in mall stores or big box jewelry chains, we WANT you to see our diamonds in realistic conditions.

Our family has direct connections to sources of conflict-free diamonds going back 50-years. This allows us to pass incredible savings to you."
We can't wait to get together with you and look at some fabulous diamonds, settings, and rings!
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